What Was Blocking This Dog’s Digestive System Will Shock You

Having dogs around the home is just the same as having kids. They take so much energy out of you between chasing them or getting them off you. Whichever way they are around the home, it is always your duty as the pet parents to be there for them.

However, recently, one pet mom had the scare of her life when she noticed something was wrong with her dog. Emily Shanahan, Mortimer’s owner, became a little worried when her dog suddenly changed attitude. He became somewhat depressed and every time he ate, he would vomit. This caused an immediate shock, so Emily took him to the vet.

What Was Blocking This Dogs Digestive System Will Shock You

First Vet Appointment

Upon doing a few checks, they determined it was nothing too serious (as many dogs sometimes experience this). They thought checking him for a little more time would be the best option. He was however given some general medicine that should probably have helped. But did it?

Dr. Doug Brum having done his analysis gave Emily some prescribed drugs that should help. Well, it did for just a short while then it was back to phase one or worst. By mid-May, Mortimer had changed completely. He was no longer the jovial and cheerful dog the family once had. He would spend most of his days sleeping and would not follow his mom around anymore.

Shocking Discovery

What Was Blocking This Dogs Digestive System Will Shock You

This caused a lot of concern for his family, especially when by early June, he had stopped eating completely. This was the breaking point they knew something was gravely wrong with their pup.

Shanahan again rushed him to the medical center where they conducted a few emergency scans and checks. From a few of the x-rays completed, there was a shocking revelation no one expected.

Mortimer had swallowed a total of 19 baby pacifiers…yes 19! They had lodged in an area which blocked his digestive system completely.

What Was Blocking This Dogs Digestive System Will Shock You

Shanahan admitted she was in total disbelief, not knowing her dog was the reason behind her kids’ missing pacifiers. Obviously, the dog was removing the pacifiers for quite some time without anyone noticing. For sure, they must have thought they swept them out or something of a similar nature. But certainly, not eaten by their dog!

The medical team headed by Dr. Erika De Papp was able to conduct an emergency endoscopy. This enabled them to safely removed the pacifiers from the dog’s system. The source of the vomiting was now understood. Emily, still in a state of disbelief couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


What Was Blocking This Dogs Digestive System Will Shock You

Luckily though, they were paying close attention to him and reacted with the pace they did. If they had not taken him to the doc when they did, he would certainly have died. Mortimer is now home and recovering quite well. His family noted he has been responding to treatment. Also, they said at the rate of his recovery, he should be back to normal soon.

The dog is loved by his family and for sure, they would do anything to save him. They are extremely happy it was a problem that could be fixed.

Share this story so other pet parents can be mindful of the little items that could possibly hurt their pets. Like Mortimer’s parents, this is a major lesson to learn from.