This Cat-Invaded Political Conference Will Leave You Laughing Hard

For a fact, not many people are really interested in politics especially when they have things to take care of. They just catch it every now and again. Or they do so if they are in a position where they have no other choice. Whichever way, it is not always the most fun program on our television.

But let us picture this fateful day we decide to sit in and watch. Then boom, the whole political conference changed because it got “cat-snapped”. Well, this was the case recently at a Pakistani political conference. It just happened the wrong switch was flipped on their Live social video. There was a sudden invasion of cat ears, nose, and whiskers attached to the relevant speakers.

A Serious Issue Being Joked At?

Just imagine thousands of people tuned in, then as the social media manager, you realize constants “lol”, coming in. For sure, you would be left confused especially if a serious issue was being discussed. A quick glimpse made the whole puzzle come to life.

This Cat-Invaded Political Conference Will Leave You Laughing Hard

The transformation of several officials being transformed into a cat through the social platform’s feature was pretty hilarious. If you ask us, it was a great way to spice up the whole event. It even pulled in a few more viewers than the usual.

It was quite a delightful few seconds as the filter went from one official to the next. Just imagine pink floating ears on your finance minister as he discussed the economy? Very funny for sure!

Officials “Cat-Snapped”

Shaukat Yousafzai, current journalist and a previous local minister of health, was the first. As he made his comment, he had no idea he was part human, part feline. Another of his colleague also started making his statements and as you guess…he also became a cat.

Yousafzai, after getting a glimpse of what was going on when he was finished, laughed about the matter. He admitted it was just a mistake and should simply be laughed off. He realized it was an error on the part of the control team who didn’t realize it had happened at first.

This Cat-Invaded Political Conference Will Leave You Laughing Hard

Many persons were upset over the actions but the journalist reiterated it was just a mistake and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It was only a human error.

Snapped In Seconds!

But before the whole scene had diminished, for sure some quick thinkers got a few screenshots of it. As it circulated on Twitter, some commenters found it amusing and funny. One person even commented about how cute it looked… which by far is quite accurate.

For sure, the many smiles it brought to viewers across the world would make it a “perfect mistake”. It will definitely be a thing to remember especially for those it happened to.

This whole thing just goes to prove no matter what you think or believe, the world cannot do without animals. They don’t only bring you company but they also bring cheers and laughter to everyone. Don’t be selfish with sharing love and laughter. Bring out a smile on a friend or stranger by sharing this hilarious yet sweet story.