The Touching Story Of A Kitten Saved By The Clock

It was a cool evening along an overpass in Houston, Texas when Rob Acuña Jr. saw something rather out of place. At first, he couldn’t really tell what was going on but lucky enough, that one glimpse would initially save a life. But in reality, what was that sight Rob’s eyes had caught?

As he drove closer in order to get a clearer view, he noticed what looked like a little face. Rob really thought nothing more than he was seeing doubles after a long, hard day at work.

Turning Back

The Touching Story Of A Kitten Saved By The Clock

He continued to drive but as he did, he was still troubled inside as to if there was still life. He couldn’t see himself going home not knowing if his response could prevent a disastrous ending. Rob eventually pulled off the road, made a U-turn and headed back to the spot. Luckily, he had made the right decision.

He passed the area slowly yet searching for the bump again and as he made contact, it turned out to be a kitten. The poor baby was shaken and terrified but was hoping this could be her “knight in shining armor”.

What happened as he made the discovery and his initial response was caught on camera.

Driving home from work and I think I see a kitten on the freeway! (in front of Minute Maid park, on the entrance to 59 a few minutes in)I thought to myself…… "no, that can't be right", but just to be safe I go back and OMG it WAS a baby kitten stuck on the side of the freeway!!!!!!!!! I am just in shock right now!!!!! SO happy he/she did not jump over the ledge (about 20ft-30ft drop) !!!!! It does make me wonder on how he/she got stuck there in the first place…

Posted by Rob Jr Acuña on Monday, June 3, 2019

It might stop your heart for a little bit because of what could have happened. Rob had just saved the day within seconds which if he wasn’t proactive…would have been bad.

Captured On Tape

The Touching Story Of A Kitten Saved By The Clock

Rob could not believe this had happened and admitted if he didn’t capture it on camera, he probably wouldn’t believe. He understands the kitten may have been abandoned especially seeing the area she was found.

Taking her home, the kitten was cleaned, fed and pampered. Rob and his family later named her Pepper. Thank goodness Pepper’s troubles are now a thing of the past and she is now in good hands. Rob is pretty upset to know someone could really be so heartless to have abandoned a kitten that way.

The Touching Story Of A Kitten Saved By The Clock

Acuna has reported that she is now doing well and is gradually freeing herself from the tension she had. She is pretty comfortable in her new home and is loved by everyone. The behavior now (bubbly and happy) is rather new compared to how she was at first.

Not New To Rescue And Fostering

Rob and his family have done it yet again. They have always opened their home to stray animals and foster pets as well. They have always helped in the process to nurture animals and help to find them forever homes. Like others they have sheltered, Pepper is now in good hands and they intend to keep it that way.

Since publishing the story, many people have stepped up in a bid to adopt her. They have read her story and feels sudden compassion to help. However, her rescuer is still determining what is best for her going forward.

The Touching Story Of A Kitten Saved By The Clock

The family loves her and are hoping to find a home for her through a rescue. He wants the potential adopters to know there are thousands of strays out there. “Just because they don’t have a video to go along with their rescue doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention”, he said.

Just as Rob managed to see the unbelievable sight while driving, others can do the same. Share this story to help others become vigilant and on the lookout for animals in similar problems. Once again, thanks Rob for your proactiveness and fast response.