The Many Reasons You Would Want To Adopt This Stroller-Riding Cat

Animal Shelters can be a little depressing for some animals. Knowing they were either abandoned or found on the street is considered hard enough for them. It can be a little frustrating if you ask and this was so evident in the life of Smucky. He was a street cat initially picked up by Cobb County Animal Control but before long got pretty stressed out.

A Transfer That Changed His Life

The shelter had to change their schedule to accommodate him. However, since a little turn of events, Smucky is now hoping to find a forever home. The cat who is 6-year-old was transferred to another shelter when stress and depression were too much to handle. They needed to put him in another facility that would better enable him to be released from “hibernation”.

The Stoller-Riding Shelter Cat That Will Steal Your Heart

Eventually, he was placed at Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta. They thought his behavior would have been an issue where it related to other cats but they were wrong. He blended in quickly and easily just that he desired his own space and time to do what he loves. With his need to have his private moments, he was given the opportunity to be housed in the manager’s office. This was where peace and quiet were in galore.

He Became Friendly Afterall!

Over time, he gradually snuck out of his grumpy style and was as affectionate as you would love a cat to be. He initially transformed into an attention-loving and social cat. And oh…he loves to play hide and seek!

The Stoller-Riding Shelter Cat That Will Steal Your Heart

Aside from all the little fun activities, he also finds passion in going for rides in his little stroller. To date, it is considered as his most favorite past time activity. He knows just how to get his shelter parents to take him out with all the non-stop meowing and scratching.

They all agreed that once he is out and about, it is really the happiest time of his life. The trick of using those “hypnotizing stares” and mesmerizing vocals were enough to change your day’s schedule. Social media community manager at Best Friends Animal Society said Smucky knew how to make life easy for you. He would generally get in his stroller all by himself.

The Stoller-Riding Shelter Cat That Will Steal Your Heart

In addition to all those rides and attention, he loves everything cuddling. Once you give him any of those three, especially a ride, you instantly have a best friend for life.

What To Expect If You Adopt Him

The manager also noted that whoever adopts Smucky will definitely have to take his stroller too. It naturally helps to keep him alive and going. No problem if his prospective family have other furry friends. Just give him time to make his own friends and all will be well.

The Stoller-Riding Shelter Cat That Will Steal Your Heart

Smucky has certainly captured the hearts of everyone he has come in contact with, with his unique personality. He now needs someone who will understand him and love whatever makes him happy. Which of course, includes his daily stroller rides.

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