The Cute Habit That May Prevent This Cat From Being Adopted

Elliot had a life-changing experience when he was taken from the street in Sussex, England. He was taken in by a family who fell in love with him and was given a home he could call his own. However, before long, they had to surrender him to a cat shelter, Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Center. The family found out they were allergic to him so they had to let him go.

The Sneezing Cat Who Needs A Forever Home

He has been living at the shelter since March and is still yet to be adopted. But what exactly could be the reasons why no one would want such a sweet cat? Elliot is 9 years old, making him a little on the senior side of his life. Apparently, everyone who visits the shelter would generally admire him but after a while would turn away.

Health Checks

Shelter staff noted they had to do some checks on him a few weeks ago. Based on the results of the test, it was determined Elliot suffers from rhinitis, a condition that makes him sneeze a lot. It happens to be a big turn off for many prospective pet adopters who visit the shelter.

The Sneezing Cat Who Needs A Forever Home

Shelter workers added that some days he goes for long periods without a single sneeze. While there are other days where it goes on for maybe hours non-stop. His condition is pretty hectic for him sometimes as checks have even shown he may have damaged nasal bones.

Look Beyond His Faults

Tania Marsh, deputy manager at the shelter said it’s a shame many persons fail to look beyond that condition. She highlighted the fact that Elliot is a happy and affectionate cat and would make the perfect pet.

While the search goes on for a family to call his own, the senior cat is making the most of what life throws at him now.

Marsh said they are hoping a nice family would adopt him and give him a great home he deserves.

The Sneezing Cat Who Needs A Forever Home

Probably not knowing he has the rare condition, Elliot is more focused on getting all the attention he can. He loves cuddling with his human friends and animal companions also at the shelter. If he doesn’t love anything else, a few hugs per day…or maybe per hour is just purrfect for him.

Everyone who has managed to be around him notes how friendly he is especially Catherine Jarvis, media officer for the shelter.

He Is Not Different!

The Sneezing Cat Who Needs A Forever Home

Elliot does not see himself as being different from the other shelter animals even though he sneezes a lot. The hope now is that a family will see him as a normal pet and take him home. Marsh added that though animals with rare conditions may seem like a hard task, the right care will get the job done.

Knowing the special type of cat, Elliot is, a safe haven he can find peace and comfort in would be ideal. Once his owners agree to give him regular checkups (like all pets should receive), he will be alright.

Are you convinced you need to head on over and rescue this cat and give him some unconditional love? Why not…it would do well for you. You may also share this amazing story with your friends and family so they too can develop a soft spot for little Elliot.