The Reaction Of A Dog Rescued From A Basement Will Melt Your Heart

An animal’s cry and yearning for help are so heartfelt. This especially when it comes with so much agony and passion. No matter how hard your heart may be, once you come in contact with a situation as this, you will be tempted to help. Thanks to two good Samaritans who happened to come across the sounds of a dog’s cry for help.

It happened they were hearing it for a few weeks but couldn’t determine where it was coming from. The dog was constantly barking in hopes of someone who find him/her. As they did their search, it turned out he was in an abandoned building. It all took place in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rescuers Urge To Help

The rescuers contacted the property’s owner immediately and he gave them access to the basement. It turned out he gave them permission in exchange for them filling the dog’s water dish. The owner had the dog inside the building, for reasons unknown at the time.

The Reaction Of A Dog Rescued From A Basement Will Melt Your Heart

As they entered the building, their heartbeats came to a complete halt. The pup was locked inside on the cold floor, obviously longing for some love and attention.

The pup, however, could not care less who were rescuers were. She ran to them immediately giving them non-stop kisses and licks. Her name was Gracie and was determined to be 2 years old at the time.

“She was a complete mess. She was hoarse from the constant barking and her feet were filled with feces”, the rescuers reported. They also noted the owner for the property only comes around a few days to dump food to her. This food she has to let serve for a few more days until he returns. As they made the post on Facebook, they also attempted to seek a rescue shelter to take her in.

Rescue Shelter Stepped In

Luckily, Queen City Bulldog Rescue (QCBR) saw the post and stepped in immediately. They offered to take her in and to their surprise the owner gave her up for just $200. Gracie was just used for breeding purposes and when she could no longer get pregnant, he “dumped” her.

Chelsea Muenzer, founder of QCBR, admitted the pup was in a very bad state. “The Pup was still not down and out, however, after all, she has been through. She was so excited to see us and was in such a cheerful mood”, Muenzer said. She also noted the dog was in so much desperation to be held and just pampered.

The Reaction Of A Dog Rescued From A Basement Will Melt Your Heart

To everyone’s surprise, her quick acceptance of her saviors was the most highlighted factor. After being locked away, one would think she would be scared. When she was removed from the building and taken outside, her exact reaction spelled… ‘freedom at last’.

“She was bouncing about and rolling in the grass”, Muenzer said. “It is almost as though she has not seen the light of day in years”, she added.

The Reaction Of A Dog Rescued From A Basement Will Melt Your Heart

Gracie, however, had a few skin infection and rashes which the team was working on getting better.

A Forever Home

The foster family that took her in loves her endlessly and would do anything for her. On her first try, it seems Gracie may have just found her forever home.

The Reaction Of A Dog Rescued From A Basement Will Melt Your Heart

It is such a shame when dog owners have to resort to actions like these. It is best to hand them over to a rescue shelter if they are no longer needed. Help in spreading the awareness to stop the abuse and maltreatment of animals. Share this story to help others be mindful of their surroundings and to be on the lookout.