The Shocking Moment A Woman Found An 11-Foot Alligator In Her Kitchen

The crippling fear that must have struck a nerve for a newspaper deliverer in Clearwater, Florida as she came to reality with what she just saw. As she was doing her early morning rounds a few Fridays ago, her headlight happened to flash across an unusual sight. Yes, it was an alligator! It was lurking around one of the housing complexes she was working. From what she saw, he didn’t seem too happy at all. His overall expression spelled hunger and anger!

First Report!

Amidst all that fear however, she managed to dial emergency services at 911 where she reported the matter. Her description involved the creature being a 10-15-foot-long alligator. She also noted that it was creating a little thrashing in front of one of the homes.

In her fright, she admitted if the occupants were to wake up, it would have been an imminent disaster. The delivery driver was eagerly hoping the owner wouldn’t hear the cries and open the door. But before long, the alligator seemingly got a little impatient and didn’t wait for the initial invitation.

The Presumptuous Alligator That Invaded A Personal Space

He made his entrance through a low-cut window on the house where it somehow lodged comfortably in the kitchen.

After a few minutes have passed, 911 emergency respondents noted getting another call, this time from the homeowner. The owner horrifically details the experience of having a huge reptile lying in their kitchen. Apparently, it came in through the garage window and was showing no remorse for invading personal space.

No one knew how it got into the neighborhood. However, a more interesting factor was that it was lying in someone’s house.

For a sigh of relief, by the time the homeowner called in, the police and relevant animal rescue authorities were already on their way. Luckily there were no pets in the home or else, we suspect it would have been double trouble. For extra safety reasons, the homeowner left the animal in the kitchen and locked herself in her bedroom.

Not Going Down Without A Fight!

If getting into the house was the interesting part for you, then surely you are missing more juice. When the animal rescuers came on the scene, the alligator was obviously not prepared to go down without a fight. He shoved his way around the house while knocking over a few pieces of furniture as he went along.

They seriously had a “warm” time in capturing and his revenge played out well with knocking over a wine shelf (breaking a few!). Surprisingly also, it even grabbed a juice bottle on his way out!

The police department reported the reptile got a little injured in the process with a few cuts on its shoulders. After a little while, they did manage to apprehend it and removed it to a private location for recovery.

The Presumptuous Alligator That Invaded A Personal Space

To think the rescuers, see the alligator has having a traumatic experience, what then would they say of the homeowner?

Charged or Released With A Warning?

Jokingly, the police department reported the animal could be charged with “trespassing” after a few social media comments asking if it would be charged with “breaking and entering”. However, he recovered and was released back into its habitat with just a “warning”.