The Unbelievable Weight Of This Beagle Will Shock You

Though Wolfgang, a beagle who was homeless is always in high spirit, he can’t do much of the activities a normal dog can. But why? He is currently overweight…and by a lot!

For his age and the breed dog he is, his average weight should be around 23-25 pounds. However, he is currently over 90 pounds, 60+ pounds too much. But how could his weight have gotten so much out of control? Well, no one really knows.

The Plumpy Beagle On A Mission To Roll Off 60 Pounds

His Cause Of Overweight Unknown

Shelter staff at Arizona Beagle Rescue where Wolfgang was placed are not sure what circumstances led to him being as plump as he is. However, they are on a mission to help him trim down to his healthy size and give him more freedom to live.

The Plumpy Beagle On A Mission To Roll Off 60 Pounds

As he was placed at the shelter, Erin McManis and her husband who works as fosters for the shelter, stood up. Though he was brought in as a stray, they were determined to give him a happy home. He was a pretty chirpy and happy dog though he was in that shape. Though he was used to being alone in the street, when he was placed at the shelter, he didn’t let the crowd bother him.

Moving In With Foster Parents

As his foster family took him in, they knew they had a little work to do. They already had two dogs of their own, and of course, Wolfgang welcomed himself. He already accepted the fact that this was home and this was where he needed to be.

The Plumpy Beagle On A Mission To Roll Off 60 Pounds

But with all his rotund look, he doesn’t let that get in his way. He loves his daily rolls in the yard on his back, his regular sunbathing and playing with his brothers. The other two dogs, Fred and Andre were also once housed at the Arizona Beagle Rescue but were adopted.

The family really loves him and is determined to help him lose the extra pounds. They are hoping to be a great part of his journey until he initially finds his adoptive parents.

The Plumpy Beagle On A Mission To Roll Off 60 Pounds

His Special Diet And Workout Plan

His current diet includes 600 calories a day plan which was highly recommended by a veterinarian. Erin noted his daily meals includes lots of greens (broccoli, spinach, green beans and much more) and lean turkey. “He also suffers from a thyroid problem which he is on medication for”, Erin said in addition to his daily vitamin intake. “He is being watched and monitored closely”, she also noted.

In addition to his diet, he is also getting in shape with regular exercises. He can be seen with his foster parents and brothers on daily walks as well as his daily swim in the pool.

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McManis, not knowing what he was used to, thought at first, he wouldn’t work with the diet. But he gave them the surprise of a lifetime with his active character. His foster mom admits he is well contented and happy and glad she could help out.

The family has worked with overweight dogs before so they were confident, they could help Wolfgang as well.

Their adopted dogs also came in a little overweight and with a special dieting and workout plan, they are now good. To show her support, Erin has even put herself on a low-carb diet. This she said has made it more fun for both of them as this helps Wolfgang realizes he is not alone.

Get Low! ? My first weigh-in from home and I’m down a pound! I now weigh 88.4 lbs??? Thanks for all the encouragement!!! I’m going to keep this up ??! However, even if I didn’t lose any weight, I’ve been sticking to my diet and exercise plan so I feel a lot better and that is what is important! #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #beagle #beaglesofinstagram #weightlosstransformation #obesetobeast #shelterdog #dogsofinstagram

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Help to spread the word about Wolfgang’s journey to show your support. We also hope as you share, this will help to find him his forever home.