This Is Why A Driver Had A 250-Pound Pig In His Lap While Driving

While driving, we often get distracted by so many things. Whether it is by eating because we are running late or that phone call we have to make. Those little things have been distracting factors but have you ever heard about a pig being one of them? No, we don’t mean staring at one out your window or while they are crossing the road. We mean, literally having one with you that is causing the distraction?

Well, this is the case that reached Sgt. Jason Foster in Minnesota recently. He was doing his regular patrol when he noticed a driver heading his direction, being a little distracted. He stopped him and pulled in over in a bid to find out what was going on.   

A 250-pound Pig On His Lap

The driver and the officer had a moment of silence for a little while as the sight was nothing the officer had ever experienced. There were definitely some questions that needed to be asked as to why a pig was in the driver’s lap! Yes, you read that right…a pig in his lap! To make it more interesting, if it was a single small pig at that, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.   

The Pig Who Got The Police Officer Laughing

Beside the driver’s seat was a small-sized pig but then there was a larger, 250lbs one on the driver’s lap. The poor officer must have been thinking…what on earth?!   

Just Wanting To Protect Them

The pigs happened to be the driver’s pets but at the sight, it was rather hilarious. Just to show how much of a charmer they were, once the officer pulled out his phone, they did make their pose. It was the funniest the officer noted he had seen in a long time. He admitted it definitely made it to the top 10 craziest things to see.   

The two pigs were so close to the driver that it was a little tricky for him to be driving with ease. Yeah, many persons would probably say it’s careless but what else could he have done? Obviously, they seem to be a set of clingy pets who can’t leave their owner alone.   

The driver in his defense told the officer it was all due to his moving to another state. He admitted it was wrong but said he was scared they would freeze in the cold weather. Noting it would be a long trip, he didn’t want to hurt them.   

Though it was a cute moment, the officer did warn against such a practice. He noted it is safer while traveling with pets to get them a cage or custom carriage to protect them. He also advised making sure the carriages were well ventilated as well.   

Let Off With A Warning

Officer Foster, however, let the driver off with a warning against repeating such actions. He tells of the many dangers that can occur in an instance of an emergency. Just imagine, weighing 160lbs yet carrying a 250lb pig while driving. Must have been a struggle for the poor driver…but hey, that really happens when you have clingy pets!   

As the officer walked away, he was still laughing at the whole experience. He even took to Twitter and joked about the scenario saying, “having a pig on your lap…now that was a first – even for us”. Give someone else the chance to have a laugh like Officer Foster did. Share this amazing story to light up their day!