The Sweet Reason A Mommy Dog Adopted This Baby Kitten

Every so often we hear how much a mother’s love is needed and the effect that it has. Well, unfortunately for some, they never get to experience what it is while some experience it from other mothers. Take, for instance, baby kitten Nala, who was abandoned in an alley and had to be rescued by a good Samaritan.   

The Kitten Who Called A Dog Mommy

Her rescuer heard her painful cries and upon inspection, saw the kitten all alone with no other cats around. He was taken out and brought to Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) in Spokane, Washington. She never knew what a first love was, but all that was about to change.  

Needed A Foster Family

Being at such a tender age, she needed close attention and a good foster family. The shelter placed an ad on Facebook to reach out to a prospective adopter. Jamie Myers happened to see the post and felt compelled to help.

The Kitten Who Called A Dog Mommy

Her foster cat just had a litter of kittens but unfortunately, she lost a few of them. She knew this would be perfect for baby Nala to fit right into that sweet little family.   

Though Nala was a bit younger than her kittens, she was hopeful she would nurse just the same. To her surprise, she latched on immediately and the mommy cat was very accepting. Myers noted she started showing her love right away in grooming her, licking her and endless love.   

Slow Growth

After a while and they bonded together, the mom cat and her birth kittens had grown enough to be adopted. However, Nala was still a bit too small to be sent away. Jamie admitted she had to keep her behind because she was a little slower in developing compared to the other kittens. While the other kittens were up and about, she was still nursing.   

The Kitten Who Called A Dog Mommy

Before long, Nala was alone again but at least, not for long this time. Jamie had taken in another foster animal but this time a dog. Her name was Izzy and she had not long given birth as well. Though she had her own troubles (nursing her babies), she was still determined to be a mommy to the baby kit.   

Nala recalls the countless times Izzy would pick Nala up in her mouth and put her in her litter. She would do this over and over as a mother who believes one of her babies have strayed.   

A Mother’s Persistence And Love

Izzy’s reaction only told of her acceptance of Nala as one of her babies. She was willing and ready to accept her in the family. Myers would see her persistence in trying to get her in so she decided to give it a try.   

Jamie took the bold step of putting the kitten in Izzy’s pen and before long, there was an emotional bond. They were really accepting of each other and Jamie believes it may have been the best choice.   

The Kitten Who Called A Dog Mommy

Nala got adjusted to her new life pretty quickly and before long, she was growing into a beautiful fur ball. “Nala would sleep with the pups, play with them and cuddle without even thinking they may have been different”, an emotional Myers said.  

This just goes to show that love has no bounds no matter the species. Share this story with a friend to help them understand the extent a mother would go to show love.