Dog Tied To Animal Shelter’s Gate Had The Saddest Note Attached

Having a dog is one of the greatest feelings you could ever experience. However, not being fully accepted will never give the highest energy coming from an animal. One family in New Orleans had the worst playing out in front of their eyes as their landlord made a drastic rule. He said no animals were allowed in the apartment so they had to keep him indoors.

The Heart-wrenching Separation

The ultimate decision had to be made, though in a strange way when the family had to get rid of the dog. They brought him to a local animals’ rescue home, Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) and chained him to the gateway fencing. It was the staffers upon opening for their business who saw the animal and for sure, was left in shock.

If you ask us, it must have been the most heartbreaking moment one could ever experience. And to make matters more complicated, the animal was fearing for its life, had his feet entangled in his chain with developed circulation problems. Efforts to release him proved futile at first because for sure, the animal’s only thought was that they probably wanted to hurt him.

The Note of Tears

Seated nearby to where he was chained was a plastic bag with a few items, obviously belonging to the dog. Rescuers in a bid to find out what was going on searched the bag where they found a few items including a hand-written note. To think his chaining and entanglement was enough…the note was about to tear their hearts apart once more…

The Joy Of A Dog Who Was Brought To A Shelter

The note read,

“Meet Rock,” the note reads. “I can’t keep him no more due to personal problems with my family. He has been isolated in my room his whole life as my parents didn’t want him out of the room. And on top of that, the landlord didn’t want dogs here. He’s 1 year and 4 months and never had human interaction besides my family so please build his human interaction.”

“Once you get to know him, he’s the sweetest dog you’ll know,” the note continued. “He is pet-friendly but can be nervous around people. Please take your time with [him] and give him a better home. I will always donate as much as I can for the wish list … he is up-to-date with his shots.”

The shelter workers really didn’t know the first move as they had already been overloaded. They were packed with strays and other rescue animals who they collected from all over. The fact that this dog was a special case made the case complicated.

A Facebook Post That Made The Difference

The Joy Of A Dog Who Was Brought To A Shelter

They hoped that saving him would see someone kind enough to rescue so they posted the whole event on Facebook. They admitted it would be a little challenge to get him to accept human interaction as he was even pulling away from them.

Luckily for Rocky, there was light at the end of the tunnel as the former owner’s brother saw the post on social media. He noted he had known the dog since he was a puppy and believed the separation of the dog from his family meant all was well with him.


ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDSThis is what we came into this morning. Another dog tied to our fence but this one came with a note. I guess that was supposed to make us feel better?. Your note says he's NEVER had any human interaction. Your note says he was kept isolated in a room his entire life. Your note says he will EVENTUALLY warm up to you and can be "nervous"…all "key words" that say "he will probably bite you". Thank you for dumping your problem on an already overloaded system here at VRC. But more than likely you called and got our message that said we were SO overwhelmed and that we could not take in anymore dogs at this time. Or maybe you were one of those people that came from out of state and we explained that we had to concentrate on dogs that were local and were no longer able to take dogs from out of state and like so many others, maybe you were one of those that cussed us out because we couldn't take YOUR dog. We care about dogs. That part is obvious. But we also care about over working our employees and having enough dogs to handle both physically and financially and emotionally. We were not the "last resort"…you were. All you had to do was talk to us and we might have been able to help in other ways. Instead your dog just went from an isolated bedroom to the chaos of a shelter filled with dogs. He is having a meltdown right now and growling and wanting to bite everyone that he sees. We are not miracle workers. We cannot save every dog. We do not have the money or manpower to always "work the magic". But today pushed us over the edge emotionally and physically. These are the days when we hate our job and break down and cry. My mission is to rescue but my hope is that one day, I won't have to….but it looks like that won't be anytime soon.

Posted by Villalobos Rescue Center on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Though hesitant to release him at first, the shelter staff had no choice later on when the guy showed up. The joy and instant relief on the dog’s face spelled more than peace but comfort and happiness. Rocky was immediately drawn out of his isolated state. He rushed to his dad’s brother and started kissing and rubbing against him.

The staff were surprised at his initial reaction and to know he would now have a forever home where he would be happy gave them satisfaction.