This Dog’s Graduation Spoiler Will Have You Laughing Like Crazy

Just imagine a dog stealing the spotlight from a day you have been planning for years? Well, this was the story of graduating senior class at Horseshoe Bend School in Alabama. Throughout the entire ceremony, the highlight was on the graduates until the cameras started focusing on another “more interesting” feature of the day.

Center Of Distraction

The Dog Who Stole A Graduation Spotlight

But who exactly stole the focus? Well, Charlie did! Charlie, a dog, happened to belong to one of the graduates, Logan Branch, who lived close to the venue. He would always creep in unto the school compound throughout the school year and ended up stealing the hearts of everyone. Over time, everyone eventually found out he belonged to Branch and would always look out for him.

But as the final day of their time at the school came, Charlie decided he needed to make a statement and leave his mark in memory. As the ceremony went on, no one expected such a visit but Charlie showed up anyway. Uninvited but did he really care? Doesn’t seem that way!

Charlie Being A “Bad Boy” In A Good Way

“We never knew he would show up but he gave us the surprise of a lifetime when he stepped through the gates”, Branch said. Charlie walked over to the graduates and stayed for a while slowly but gradually stealing everyone’s attention. Before long, all was over the cliff when the pup decided to step up and relieve himself on some nearby decorative flowers poised right before the graduates.

As seen in the video, everyone evidently lost it!

Dog steals the show during Valedictorian's speech.

Dog steals the show during Valedictorian speech… ???A local dog named, “Charlie” walked through the gate and onto the field of Horseshoe Bend High School in New Site, AL only to take a few sniffs and mark his territory on one of the ferns. Some Valdectorian speeches are often forgotten, but not Colby Cheaney's.Video by: Summer Films – Summer McKelvey..“To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email”

Posted by Summer Films on Thursday, May 23, 2019

His owner, however, may have felt a bit embarrassed by the whole scene even though everyone found it funny. For sure, we can’t really blame him because Charlie must have gotten some good home training…bad boy!

Logan said they suspected his actions the moment they saw him walk up to the flower but couldn’t believe he really did as they all laughed.

We are sure you can tell who Charlie’s owner is from the pic right?

The Dog Who Stole A Graduation Spotlight

Though the ceremony went sailing after the whole drama that just took place, there was no replacement that could beat Charlie’s own. Logan noted Charlie got the crowd’s best reaction for the entire ceremony and no doubt he loved it.

Charlie’s Journey Continues

Branch and his graduate friends will be moving on from that school but Charlie will still be a long history. Logan, however, noted his younger sister still attends the school. This means it might be imminent that Charlie will still sneak on to the compound.

The Dog Who Stole A Graduation Spotlight

We are sure Charlie saw himself doing nothing wrong but more like doing what dogs do. The pup is said to be one who loves attention and enjoys being around people. Other than the day been well spent, this would go down in the school’s history for a long time to come.

They must have entered the school in style, had a great experience and have a joyful one while leaving. For sure the day shouldn’t have gone any other way.