The Reason This Dog Continually Chased A Bus Is Quite Hilarious

A dog could be considered one of the most determined animals on planet earth! Don’t believe us? Well, Jaypee Barcelinia is about to convince you in a great way why we have this belief. Jaypee normally travels a certain route while going about his daily business. However, it happened that after a while, he noticed a little fur animal started trailing the bus. This would happen day after day and though the driver would try to deter the dog, it would still insist to follow.

The Chase Began

The driver first recalled how it all started when he was passing a public station, the dog started running after the bus. He would do this several mornings apparently hoping to get a ride.

The Dog Who Just Wanted A Ride Got Adopted

For him, it was a little strange that the dog would generally await his ride every day. On one particular occasion, he recalled the dog giving it at least six leaps in trying to get on. However, her efforts were always denied by one factor or the other.

Most times while Jaypee was on board, the driver would slow the bus for pick up and as soon as the dog realizes, she makes an attempt. “She would put her two front paws on the back step but before long they would fall off after the bus starts moving again”, he said.

The Dog Who Just Wanted A Ride Got Adopted

Unusual In The Philippines

All in all, the driver could really not be blamed for being selfish. He was pretty reluctant as he feared the dog may react and cause injury to his passengers.

Barcelinia recalls the driver was scared as in the Philippines, it was weird to see a dog chasing a vehicle. But what could it be that’s different with this jeep? Well, we are yet to find out. So many times, the dog proved to be tired but still kept her chase to catch up.

Her Determination Paid Off

But, on one fateful day, the driver gave in and had a heartfelt moment for the pup. He came to a complete stop in order for the dog to board. But the sweetest part of this was that the pup never raised a paw on the step. It was as though she was waiting for the driver to invite her in. Her expression gave a tired but piercing look… “can I come on board, sir?”

Her determination finally paid off when she was “invited” for a ride. Her hard work gave her peace of mind and she could now relax on a cushioned seat in comfort and style. As Barcelinia watched the pup strolled on, he got to a seat and fell asleep shortly after a few hard panting.

The Dog Who Just Wanted A Ride Got Adopted

To top off the whole scene and make it much more interesting, when the journey ended, the dog didn’t want to leave. He stayed on board and watched as everyone made their way off. Barcelinia did indeed capture the moment and shared it online.

Making a few checks, later on, Jaypee learned that the driver had adopted the dog and was now taking care of her.

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