You Will Definitely Laugh While Reading This Dog’s Manual

We often believe that dogs do not come with their own instruction manuals. It is always the parents who have to come up with little rules and guidelines. But guess what? We have just found a dog that came with his own little manual and if you fail to follow the rules, you have a “mighty” price to pay.

Hank, a golden retriever pup is one of the most adorable dogs you will ever meet. Hanks owner, Abbey has owned him since birth and has developed a bond like no other. For sure, wherever you see one, the other is always there. But what could break Hank’s focus when he is with his mom? Well, just about any and everything even though it’ll end right back in her arms.

The Dog Who Has His Own Unique Instruction Manual

An Unbreakable Bond

Abbey’s sister, Lindsey Swimm admits their love has passion and is genuine. But since recently, Hank has developed an inner passion, called “adventure”. Swimm told of his many encounters recently chasing everything his eyes reaches. “Sometimes he’ll be out chasing after birds, butterflies, cyclists, rabbits or even joggers”, Swimm said as she started laughing.

“Once he catches a glimpse of them passing our house and his leash is not on, he will be after them”, she said.

The Ultimate Rules

For house guests or visitors, they may be thrown off guard because they don’t suspect he is like that. He is a hyperactive pup but his looks will deter you from thinking that and that’s where the problem is.

Because of his little tricks, Abbey decided to make a few rules to help unsuspecting “victims” prepare for him. Just be prepared for a few laughs.

Swimm said when she first saw the “rules” her initial reaction ended in uncontrollable laughter. She admitted Hank is pretty guilty of everything Abbey had written.

Though many other dogs suffer from a few of these, Hank’s write up is just too hilarious. “The way Abbey wrote them out plainly makes it so cute and funny yet real”.

The Dog Who Has His Own Unique Instruction Manual

What Inspired The Rules Creations?

But what could make Hank’s owner have to make such rules? Well, obviously, it is due to lessons she learned the hard way. All of them came from real life experiences she went through on a daily basis.

He probably would be so upset with his mom if he could understand what was written on the paper. But whichever way, keeping an eye on him without making it look suspicious will be good enough. But aside from all that drama he creates, he is certainly a great pup to have around.

For sure, Lindsey, Abbey and the rest of the family love him and would never want to lose him. They are happy the day he came into their life. They consider him one of the goofiest golden retrievers they have ever come across.

If you ask us, Hank seems to be the ruler in this home as he knows how to keep everyone on their feet. Do you have a pup like Hank or know one like him? How much energy does he take to control each day? Must be a lot it seems. Share this amazing story to help inspire other dog parents to make their rules to help “unsuspecting visitors” handle their babies.