This Pup Flying First Class Style Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

If you have never flown first class then for sure you have nothing over this furry little cutie. Just imagine a dog who just happened to be enjoying all the amenities that comes with such. On a flight from Georgia to Newark, New Jersey, April Easterwood Thornton came across one of the most adorable sights. As she strolled down the aisle to get to her seat, she couldn’t help but notice a pair of bubbly eyes peeping out at her.

The Beauty Of A Pup Flying First-Class Style

For a second, she admitted her first guess was a service dog accompanying her owner. However, as she drew closer, there sat in a seat all by herself, a fluff ball. The little dog was making the most of the experience. Enjoying a cozy cushion seat and of course…a roomy one at that was the life of the dog.

A First-Time Experience

Easterwood Thornton admitted she had never seen such an occurrence before, especially with a dog having their own first-class flight seat. It was also the first seat on the plane which made it even more interesting…the feeling that must have been flowing in the pup’s mind.

Jokingly, Thornton said she felt a “judging feeling” as she stepped past this beautiful girl on her way to the economy class. With each step and a look back, the pup’s gaze stuck on her until she was out of sight.

Though not being able to sit close to the dog, April noted the dog was well behaved for the trip. It was evident she had good “home training” and knew just how to react while in public space. Obviously, it also seemed it was not the dog’s first time in such a position as her comfy looked spelled she was very much used to the experience.

The Beauty Of A Pup Flying First-Class Style

A Special Love From Her Owner

For a second, Thornton undoubtedly knew her owner must have had a special love in his or her heart for the pup. To merit her own seat on a plane for nothing short of magnificent. But it wasn’t before long that such thoughts became a true reality. The owner’s love for the dog was shown not only in a “personal first-class seat” but also in other adorable ways.

The Beauty Of A Pup Flying First-Class Style

As the flight landed at their destination and the luggage were being collected, April noticed another heart-felt sight. An all too familiar face, emblazoned on a custom-made suitcase. Yes, it was that of the pup she saw on the flight, a spaniel. The owner had the suitcase designed with the dog’s face, a sign that showed undying love for one’s pet.

As a little time passed, Thornton again noticed the suitcase, this time being carried by an obviously proud owner. “He claimed the luggage with pride”, she said of the owner as he collected.

The Beauty Of A Pup Flying First-Class Style

As a dog owner herself, April admitted she would go the extra mile just the same for her pet. For a “friend” who bring so much joy into one’s life…a reward should be given. Thornton feels all dogs needed an experience like this one…first-class…once in a while, even hers.