Terrifying Moment Train Driver Spotted Dog On The Track

Once again, people who constantly abandon dogs have proven they have no feelings whatsoever. Every too often we read of stories where animals have been left at undisclosed locations. There are so many persons around the world lobbying for those responsible for such acts to be punished.

However, so often, there are persons who know but may be too scared to say anything. The need to help these poor animals should be above reporting those responsible. Take for instance one of the latest discoveries of cruelty to animals. Andres Fabricio Argandoña Tapia was on his daily job (train driver) when he came across a horrific scene. As he strolled down the tracks, he noticed a black bulge before him. He tooted but it was still there.

Shocking Discovery

As he got closer, he noticed it was still there. Out of curiosity he slammed the brakes, got out and walked up to see what was going on. To his heartfelt surprise, it was a dog that was tied there.

For a minute, Tapia admitted his heart left his body. He thought to himself, who could be so cruel to have done something like this? It was a brown and white dog who was desperate for freedom.

“He was tugging so hard at a chain that was attached to the tracks. As I got closer, he started barking in excitement”, Tapia said.

Terrifying Moment Train Driver Spotted Dog On The Track

“It moved me because he realized someone was finally there to help him”, the driver also added. If he was not as mindful as he was, the end result would have just been horrific.

Tapia was pretty upset that someone could really have left the dog there. He is hoping that one day in the near future, the entire human race would change to a better one. He had captured the whole thing on tape and posted on his Facebook account. Since its release on Monday, it has garnered over 300,000 views and counting. Tapia captured the whole rescue on tape and set the little pup free.

Satisfied With Act Of Humanity

He was really happy he could bring joy to the little pup’s life. As he was untied, his joy was endless in showing to Tapia.

The viral video has gone across many eyes including the mayor of Llay Llay, the area where the incident happened. He was furious and is hoping the person or persons who abandoned the dog will be brought to justice.

Terrifying Moment Train Driver Spotted Dog On The Track

Cruelty to animals the mayor said must stop and humanity returned to society. This act carried out on a defenseless animal is just too much. Everyone is grateful to Tapia for being as vigilant as he was.

They have taken steps to have the pup found, sterilized, dewormed and placed in a rescue shelter. The video has been shared thousands of times in all effort to find the rescued pup. The mayor is hoping he will be so they can have him in a safe haven.

Hopefully, he will end up in a forever home where he will be loved and appreciated. Share this story to help find him as he went away after being freed. Help to give him the good life he deserves.