Story Of A Missing Dog Found 60 Miles From Home Will Tear Your Heart Open

It can be really devastating when your beloved pet(s) goes missing. It is as if a large part of your world has vanished without a trace. If you are not careful, it could take you forever to search and sometimes to no avail. For whatever reasons they may have gone missing may not be important as the yearning to find them.  

As was the case with Leo, a pup who went missing from his home left his family in pains. He was gone for a little over two months with no hope during their search. They did everything in their power to connect him but he was nowhere near them. But was there ever going to be a glimmer of hope for his family? Read on to find out… 

Story Of A Missing Dog Found 60 Miles From Home Will Tear Your Heart Open

Glimmer Of Hope

After such a long wait, it may have been obvious they lost hope. However, Leo’s owner had a son, Sertac Arac, who was traveling out of their home town to another. What he saw as he strolled on had him pull a sudden break on his car and a sudden memory kick.  

Could the dog he just spotted be their own or was it just a close resemblance? Whichever way, he was eager to find out if it was their beloved Leo so he snapped a photo. After sending to his mom and dad, they suddenly realized it was their dog.  

It was around 60 miles away from their hometown that Arac saw the dog and said it may not be theirs. He was lying in front of a café but obviously, the streets had not been good to him. He looked dragged and somewhat depressed.  

Story Of A Missing Dog Found 60 Miles From Home Will Tear Your Heart Open

Arac was really doubtful about the whole thing but his parents decided they had to travel over. His features were exactly like that of their dog so they just had to give it the chance. As they made the ultimate decision to drive down, what happened when they arrived will leave you in tears.  

The initial response of both parties diminished all doubts immediately as you can see… 

Bu aile Leo'ya (Sokak köpeği) Zonguldak'ta bakıyor. Köpek bir gün kayboluyor. Aile, bayram için Bartın'a gidiyor. Bir kişi Leo'yu Bartın sokaklarında görmüş olabileceğini söylüyor. Sonrasını izliyorsunuz…

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 Joyful Reunion

The dog was so accepting of the moment as he was finally seeing his family after so long. Months on the street facing hardship has definitely come to a halt.  

Arac noted as soon as Leo saw them, he started wagging his tail and was so overjoyed. His happiness in the fact that he was going home was enough for him. They took him home and ensured he was checked, fed and all was well with him.  

Story Of A Missing Dog Found 60 Miles From Home Will Tear Your Heart Open

But though it’s a happy story for the family, it is rather a bittersweet one. They noted around the same time Leo went missing, their other two dogs also vanished. They feel it’s the work of unscrupulous persons who are on a sick mission.  

Whichever way, they have hope they’ll find the other two like they did Leo. Arac admitted he will definitely be on the lookout for the other two as he drives along. His parents are also doing their best to recover them as they see them as their children.  

This story is worth sharing to send a message of hope to those whose pets have gone missing. Share and let someone feel confident their search will end as happy as Leo’s and his family.