This Tear-Jerking Pet-Mom Reunion Will Leave You Speechless

The bond you build and share with an animal is nothing short of ordinary. If you ask us, it takes a short time to build once the right connection is made but forever to break. This is the exact story of a mom and her dog who got separated over two (2) years ago.

It was earlier in June of this year that workers of a Ukranian animal shelter accepted to house a stray dog. His condition only spelled the hardship he had faced while living on the streets. His body was in an emaciated state and his coating hair filled with a mangy look and texture.

Aging With Sadness

Apparently, he seemed to be on the aging side based on how he looked and his blue-eyes spelled sadness.

The staff at the shelter took him in, fed him and started to search for a forever home for him. However, they didn’t know he already belonged to a home where they were searching for him. His mom had put out many posters and pleas to have him returned home but was unsuccessful in her bid.

The shelter took photos of him and put it out in order to attract potential adopters. Though his current state seemed pitiful, they were determined to help however they can. His countenance (sadness), pushed them to find him the home that would make him happy.

Facebook Post Gone Viral

Reunion Of A Mom And Dog Who Was Separated For Two Years

The post quickly went viral on Facebook with hundreds of shares within the first day. And if you ask us, the shelter could have never done a better thing. Within two days of the post being shared, the shelter got a call…full of fear and hope.

A woman called in after seeing the viral post to make inquiries of the dog. Apparently, he looked exactly like her dog who was stolen from her yard back in 2017. It happened that one of her close family or friends saw the post and connected her with it.

Arrangements were made for her to come to the shelter to identify the dog with hopes swirling on both sides. Could this be the dog she had been searching and yearning to find?

A Perfect Heartfelt Reunion

The following day, the woman came to the shelter to help in proving if this was truly her dog. The immediate response from both the animal and the woman confirmed it was true. The reunion was so beautiful and brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

The whole moment was filled with joy and happiness and the dog that once portrayed gloom was now filled with light. The reunion seemed like a miracle especially knowing the search was on for over 2 years.

Finally, back where he belonged, the dog had now gotten his heart’s desire. Thanks to the many strangers who decided to step in to even share his photo. It is greatly appreciated and inspiring.

The owner has shown her gratitude to the shelter for having taken him in and showed him, love. She was also happy the day her friend sent her the Facebook post. This is your chance to now help in spreading this sweet and amazing story. Let the world know, humanity is certainly being restored.