Puppy Abandoned In Chair Thought Owner Was Coming Back

People can sometimes be so coldhearted and cruel especially when it comes on to animals. When they are not being mistreated, they are left at some heartless location. How does any “sane thinking” individual believe it is okay to just dump an animal? They are not some pieces of garbage!

Puppy Abandoned In Chair Thought Owner Was Coming Back

Some time ago, a passerby happened to see the saddest picture of their lives. Along the road were some illegal furnishings that were dumped. But to think that was all, a pup was among the rubble. Apparently, he must have thought his owner had just put them there to return but he didn’t.

Hope In The Midst Of Despair

For a second, the look on his face spelled despair and hurt. His little heart though not broken was still a little joyful or rather hopeful.

Puppy Abandoned In Chair Thought Owner Was Coming Back

The passerby who saw the whole scene brought it to the attention of Sharon Norton. She is an animal control officer in the Lincoln County, Mississippi region. She was touched and went to the location immediately. When Norton got there, the poor pup was lying in a chair. There was also an abandoned TV at the same location.

Obviously, the dog was starving and was in no ready mood for joy. His initial response was evidently portraying that of his owner returning to fetch him. Unfortunately, this was never going to be the case. He was all on his own.

Puppy Abandoned In Chair Thought Owner Was Coming Back

Heartbreaking Sight

Norton, who was a little upset at the owner who had done this said the dog seemed to have been there a week.

“He was practically skin and bones”, she noted. She made a good approach to him, gave him some food and showed her support. She wanted to reassure him that all was going to be okay and he should just trust her.

After getting his first meal in days, his tense feeling of seeing his owner was reduced. He showed some level of ease when Norton starting giving him some attention.

“As soon as I picked him up and was taking him to the truck, I could sense happiness. His tail was hitting in my back probably realizing he is now safe”, she said. Since being at the shelter, Norton has vaccinated and dewormed the dog. He was later placed at the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League in Mississippi for safety.

Puppy Abandoned In Chair Thought Owner Was Coming Back

“Once he is back in tip-top shape, he will be put up for adoption”, Norton stated in a release. Though it is not the worst case of abandonment she has seen, she is still hoping for an immediate end. The need to have justice served on the culprit is what she is lobbying for.

Norton is hoping everyone who comes across this story will share in hopes of someone recognizing the dog. She is optimistic that the person(s) will be caught and prosecuted accordingly. For sure, it is really inhumane to have done such a terrible act and no animals deserve such.

Also, if you are interested in adoption or wanting to know more just follow the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League.