Priest’s Joyful Reaction Towards Dog Will Make Everyone Love Him More

Just imagine the Priest giving his holy message during Church, then suddenly it evolved into something else? Well, this is the story of a recent Church service that saw a dog changing the whole actions of the day. As the Priest was making his statement, there came a dog out of nowhere and was only in the mood for play.

For a while, the Priest thought he could overshadow the playful pup but obviously, he lost the battle. The dog was a little too excited and busy for anyone to ever stay focused. It was earlier this month at a Church in Brazil where Father Jose Geraldo Sobreira was carrying out mass. As he was doing the rituals, in came a furry, wagging tail pup who had nothing but play on his mind.

The dog took many by surprise as they never expected such a thing to happen, well at least in a Church perhaps.

A Pet-Friendly Priest

Priest’s Joyful Reaction Towards Dog Will Make Everyone Love Him More

Like many may have thought the priest would chase him out, Sobreira, did the complete opposite. Instead, he showed the world how pet-friendly he was when he started smiling and playing with him. It was really one of the cutest things many of the Church goers have ever seen.

The priest in all his efforts tried to go on even while the pup was throwing all its energy in. The other priests and elders who were also in attendance were quite amazed but still didn’t move to remove the animal.

It was quite an adorable view to see the brown fur creature rolling at his feet while hanging on to his gown throughout. The distraction was of course too much to handle so he had to pause for a while.

Caught On Camera!

Think it was just a little roll then stop? Well, you definitely need to rethink that one. A member captured a part of the heart-warming moment on video and since being shared online, it has garnered thousands of views worldwide.

Posted by Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores on Sunday, June 2, 2019

For a fact, no one knew where the dog came from or who he belonged to. Many persons have resorted to believing he was divine seeing he passed everyone to enter the pulpit.

Since this video had become viral, Sobreira has become one of the most loved priests of all times. His initial reaction and embracing of the pup during service have captured the hearts of many worldwide.

Some commenters on the social posts noted their love for the father and how beautiful the scene was. Accepting and loving an unknown angel with four paws is as divine and amazing.

Lesson Learned

In his response, the priest said he learned a lot from the whole thing. He noted his understanding of why animals have been placed on earth – to show what true love is. He also reiterated the need for all human beings to understand this lesson brought in a weird way and from an unusual source. We as a people need to adopt this gift of spreading love.

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