This Animal Abandoned In A Sealed Box Will Make You Cry

For all animal lovers on planet Earth, it is never a good feeling when we hear of animals being abandoned. It was an ordinary thing for this particular individual to stroll down the streets of British Columbia. At least, we can now upgrade their title to a blessed Samaritan for what we are about to tell you. As they walked on by the Puntzi Lake Landfill, there laid a sealed box, of course, maybe it wasn’t anything much.

However, the heart of the person was suddenly not at ease and was led to open the box to see what was inside. What they found immediately gripped their heart with compassion and pain. A mother dog laid in the box with her nine pups who happened to look no older than a week. Obviously, someone had abandoned them but ensured the seal the box so they couldn’t escape. If you ask us…rather cold and callous!

Mother And Puppies Abandoned In A Sealed Box Without Compassion

Brought To A Shelter

The dog was evidently weak as she seemed frail and thin and in no position to look after her babies. It seemed like a hard task on her even though she managed to keep up the good spirit. This awful discovery could have easily been prevented had they taken her to an animal shelter. Thank goodness for the fast thinking good Samaritan who brought them to a local family vet clinic nearby.

The mom and pups stayed at the clinic for the night so she and her babies could at least be cleaned up. They were fed and well taken care of. By morning, they were transferred to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA). At the time of their arrival, there were no available foster families so the shelter had to keep them until things changed. They were kept at the BC SPCA’s Quesnel and District branch where staff ensured they were well taken care of. Their comfort was of maximum priority seeing they were so young and vulnerable.

Mother And Puppies Abandoned In A Sealed Box Without Compassion

Actions Not Human-Like

The whole terrifying incident got general manager Lorie Chortyk really upset. Chortyk chided the actions of the owners who abandoned the dog, who they had named Casey. Lorie noted there was no excuse for such actions especially when they are in a position where they could die. She reiterated that cruelty to animals is punishable by law and one can easily be prosecuted for such behaviors.

Casey made great improvements to her overall look and health. She is also doing a pretty good job caring for her babies as she remains vigilant and focused.

Though it is a little evident she has some sense of timidity and fear being around new people, she is handling it pretty well. She is, however, gradually warming up a bit and becoming more friendly with each passing day. The staff admitted that though it can be a little hard for her, she still manages to stay positive.

Mother And Puppies Abandoned In A Sealed Box Without Compassion

A Dog With A Positive Spirit

“Amidst the pain and sorrows she has been through, she is fighting with all her might to be there for her babies”, a staff member said.

Though they are not available for adoption yet, the team at the shelter are hoping they will find a forever home. Once they manage to reach at least seven (7) weeks, they will be ready to go. However, the search is still on for the person who could have done such a terrible act of abandoning her.

Share this story with the team at BC SPCA so they could locate the owners. Also, we are hoping as you share, you will inspire someone who will consider adopting as soon as it’s possible.