Meeting This Sad-Looking Cat Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Do Today

When you lose a pet, it may seem as if nothing can replace that hole, they left in your heart. Most times the only way to restore some level of comfort is by getting another. This is the story of Georgina Price and Chris, her fiancé who lost their beloved cat a few months ago. As Price was considering re-adoption, she saw a post on RSPCA’s website and knew she had to check it out.

Georgina had just fallen in love with the cat duo, Toby and Quinton. They seem to have a bond like no other and meeting them in person would fulfill her joy. So, she set out to link them.

Meeting This Sad-Looking Cat Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Do Today

Arriving At The Shelter

Toby was the first to capture their attention. He portrayed this look of a “wise-geek” who had a few years of wisdom up his sleeve. He sported a wrinkled face and a unique expression. Toby is this way because he suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). It is a condition which makes his skin droopy and can be easily torn if not handled with care.

Due to past experiences of being mistreated in his last home, he now resorts to his older brother, Quinton. He is like a source of protection and strength for him.

Price and Chris admired the cats right away and was touched by the bond they shared. They decided to share a moment with them and even as they fed them, Toby was a little drawn back. The couple admitted they were used to this behavior seeing they had rescued animals before.

Application For Adoption

Their developing love for the cats triggered them to send in an application immediately. Both cat brothers had their various drawbacks, Toby having EDS and Quinton not having any teeth. Price felt compelled to not only help two special needs cats but also to solidify a bond they had built.

Their application was successful and even after arriving at their new home, the cats still had a little trust issue. Price noted for the first couple weeks, she had a hard time getting them to stay away from under the bed.

Meeting This Sad-Looking Cat Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Do Today

But knowing how to handle situations like these, Price was patient with them. She continued to show them love and gave extra treats until they decided to warm up. They managed to build enough confidence to trust their parents and were soon comfortable to be around them.

Quinton was, however, still overprotective of Toby just as they were at the shelter. But after all, you can’t blame him as that is what big brothers do.

Price noted one interesting thing she notices is the way Quinton normally attends to Toby. “He would clean his face and neck but never lets his claws out. He understands the importance of his brother’s fragile skin so he does it with extreme care”, she said.

Meeting This Sad-Looking Cat Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Do Today

Bringing Awareness To EDS

Price sharing of her loves across the different social media platforms have seen Toby become a center of attraction. He is somewhat a poster guy for EDS in helping to bring awareness to the sickness.

Their mom admits it’s not hard to fall in love with Toby or his brother because they possess some amazing qualities. “They are two of the sweetest cats you could ever meet and want to be around”, she added.

She noted posting pictures of her cats helps persons understand the conditions animals go through. She is hoping this awareness will allow individuals to show more love and compassion to animals, with or without ailments.

Price constantly tells of their love for playing and the joy they bring to her and her fiancé’s life. Help Price and others around the world bring awareness to conditions as these. Share this story and let the information reach all across the globe!