How A Toy Transformed A Dog’s Life Will Make You Smile

A dog being adopted always have to take their time in getting adjusted to their new environment. It may take from seconds to weeks but at the end of the day, they’ll come around. Being patient with them as they are coming from different environments always works best. Just like many other dogs, the one adopted by Nicole Marie Wasieleski portrayed a similar life.

How A Toy Transformed A Dog's Life Will Make You Smile

Marie never had hopes of adopting another dog but as she passed through the shelter this particular day, thoughts changed. She generally volunteers at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and this older dog she saw, touched her. She started thinking a lot about the dog and before long, she was back at the shelter signing the papers.

“I just thought she looked like a sweet old wolf and I was eager to meet and be around her”, Marie said. She also admired her quiet and humble personality.

Needing Time To Adjust

The dog, whom they called Kairi, was 10 years old at the time and had gone through a lot in her lifetime. Her former family had somewhat “vanished” so she had to be placed at the shelter. As she went home with her new mom, she was a little drawn back as it was somewhere new. Kairi had a few challenges has she tried to settle into her new home. However, Nicole was willing to help her through the process.

How A Toy Transformed A Dog's Life Will Make You Smile

“I thought maybe if I got her a “friend” that she could call her own would be a good start. At least, it would make her feel relaxed, safe and secure”, Nicole said. So she took the dog to the store and got her a cute little stuffed toy. It may just have been one of the best decisions.

Love At First Sight

Marie noted as Kairi was looking at the pets, she started staring at a funny pink dinosaur and there she knew that was the one.

“When we took it down and gave it to her, she was all about it. She carried it herself right to the cash register”, Marie laughed as she recalled the day.

Though it was worth just $17, the dog mom admitted it filled a gap the dog was looking for. She noted ever since they got home, she carries the toy all around. She never lets it out of her sight.

Understanding Dogs

How A Toy Transformed A Dog's Life Will Make You Smile

Marie who has two other dogs knows just how to get them to unwind and relax. All three dogs do share the toy but Kairi never let it go too far away. Nicole and family realized since the toy is in place, the previous actions of Kairi are no more.

“She would be barking all the time and scratching on the kennel floors. We thought at some point she would hurt herself. However, since she got Dino, she is quiet now”, Marie said.

Kairi is now adjusting quite well to her new home. She loves spending time with her mom and other dog pals. Marie admits the dog surprises her a lot as she never knew there was still so much energy.

“I am so happy I could give her another chance to be in a home where she is loved”, Marie noted. She also mentioned that her dad had gone out to get a similar dinosaur toy in case that one got damaged.

How A Toy Transformed A Dog's Life Will Make You Smile

“Seeing it makes her happy, we want to make sure, we are ready in case anything happens”, she said.

Thanks a lot to Marie and her family for taking in Kairi. Share this amazing story so others can see the great transformation a little love and attention can create.