The Heart-Breaking Moment This Vet Saw A Frozen Squirrel Nearing Death

What could be more satisfying than helping an animal in a time of desperate need? It was an average day in downtown St. Andrews, Canada when a group of individuals stumbled on a squirrel who was lying underneath a car. We can all imagine the shock, fear, and yearning it pushed in order for someone to feel its pain and come to its rescue.

Thanks to two teenage boys, however, who was strolling along and decided to inquire about what was happening. Upon learning what was going on, their hearts seemingly went out for the distressed animal.

Frozen Squirrel Brought Back To Life

As the squirrel quietly emerged from beneath the car, not even the best animal expert could determine what it really was. Covered in foam insulation, yeah, like the ones used in the home for hole patching, the little creature may have faced the mistake of running through the plaster while it was wet. Once dried, the agonizing pain was evident as he could barely move a muscle.

The Urge To Help

Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart, the two teenagers involved in the case, felt an urgent passion and will power to help rescue the poor little baby. They were of the perception that if he didn’t get emergency help, he might not make it and so they set off immediately to do their best in trying to save.

They didn’t panic but had the first move going when they ran to a nearby grocery store and got a container, they could put him in. As they did that, they also started calling around for ideas and tips on how best to approach and fix the problem. Thanks to Dr. Melanie Eagan, a veterinarian, who answered the call of one of the boy’s mom. Frozen Squirrel Brought Back To Life

After their short conversation, the 21-miles journey to the St. George Veterinary Clinic started where they would initially drop off the squirrel for treatment. They were all hopes that Dr. Eagan could save its life but at first glimpse…the doctor herself could not even believe her eyes.

She noted it took her roughly an hour before she could come to terms with what was going on. “He had some patches where fur was missing and other areas where abrasions were found on his skin. But overall, he wasn’t looking too bad”, Eagan stated (indirectly quoted).

Mission Impossible Broken

Dr. Eagan, though being a veterinarian for quite a few years, was a little on the doubtful side. She admitted she never knew it was possible to help him pull through. Her shock and surprise at his initial arrival were seemingly gloomy above all else.

However, after completing phase one of her task, the distraught squirrel managed to get itself some rest. His sleep went on for a few hours with Dr. Eagan keeping a close watch over him.

Frozen Squirrel Brought Back To Life

Freedom At Last!

After his rest, a few more assessments were done to see if all was well.  Seeing the happy squirrel now in tip-top shape, it was released back into its “wild freedom”. Thanking the boys for their quick response and effort, Eagan noted the end result would never have been the same if they didn’t act.