Dog Mom Had To Convince Pup Not To Go Swimming With A Bear

When you have a friendly dog as your pet, there are so many NOs that you’ll have to tell them. Whether it is, ‘no, you can’t go with the mailman’ or ‘no you can’t move those 10 other dogs in with you’. Whatever they come across, they are eager to make friends with it.

Take for instance the story of Jim. He is a really friendly dog and probably too friendly if you ask, lol. It all happened in Suttons Bay, Michigan some time ago. Jim was out with his owner on a boat as they were enjoying a bit of nature. It was a lovely Friday morning to just stroll down the waters and enjoy a beautiful scene. As they went on, they saw an unexpected surprise right before them.

Just A Bear Taking A Swim

As they zoomed in closer to see what was going on, they realized it was a bear. He was swimming around and slowly making his approach towards them. It seemed so beautiful at the moment that the woman decided to film it.

She just wanted to show the world the amusement you come across on a daily basis. However, though it was a great video and filming, the audio spells a different story. The overshadowing audio was a strong convincing moment in trying to stop the dog from going in.

BEAR VISITS NORTH END OF SUTTONS BAYThis morning, the residents of Port Sutton Condos, on the north end of the Village, looked out to see a bear swimming onto shore. The bear spent some time hanging around the dock and a picnic table before departing north into the woods.The Sheriff's Office was notified at 0830 hours of the bear being at this location. Our Animal Control Deputy was dispatched to monitor the bear until it was safely out of the area. The video below was taken by a resident at the condos. She is warning her dog "Jim" to stay inside during the video.

Posted by Leelanau County Sheriff's Office on Friday, June 21, 2019

“He was over the top and just wanted to jump in”, the woman said. “I had to be telling him he couldn’t do that”, she added while laughing.

She noted Jim was at the edge of the boat ready to join the bear.

Not In The Mood For Friendly Greetings

For a fact, the bear was not looking for company. Jim, though not being too happy, is probably glad he listened to his mom. More than likely, if he had got in, the scene would have turned pretty ugly and sad.

Often times when dogs go out, it is just their instinct that is leading them to do what they do. If they capture a view that seems all too interesting, they will be tempted to go at it. Like Jim, many animals tend to have that sense of “detective spirit” in them. They want to always test the waters even if they don’t know what the outcome will be.

But as the scene was captured, it turned out the bear was on another mission. The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office that posted the video, showed the bear visited the dock. He searched around sniffing everything in its path.

“He spent some time there and even made his way to a picnic table that was set up”, the office reported. However, there was no trouble as he only spent the time then went away into some nearby woods.

For sure Jim must have been disappointed because he wanted to meet this interesting new “friend”. But, turns out, it was never meant to be so next time around Jim.

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