Dog’s Reaction To Seeing Groomer Outside Salon Will Melt Your Heart

The bond developed between your dog and their groomer is nothing short of spectacular and amazing. Just imagine the excitement and thrill on their faces the moment you exit the car and they realize where they are.

Muffin is an adorable little pup who has had her hair groomed at the same salon for over three years. She was always attended to by Lisa Granade who said their friendship is more than just sitting and attending to her appointments. Granade is the owner of Happy at Home Pet Grooming in Washington.

Muffin The Charmer

Dog Left in Complete Shock To See Her Groomer Outside The Salon

“She is a cute little darling and so affectionate”, Granade said. “She always greets with a wagging tail and the perfect little smile you can ever think of. I always enjoy and love having her at the salon”, Lisa also noted.

Lisa said the most time spent together is always in the appointments they have. They are generally limited with each small visit (not enough time to catch up) so they often have to make the most of it. However, things took a turn recently, for the good we would say when the shock and surprise of Muffin’s life would play out before her eyes.

Dog Left in Complete Shock To See Her Groomer Outside The Salon

On a cool day, while driving down the street, Granade was graced with Muffin’s beauty as she strolled with her owner along the banks of the road. As she drove closer, she stopped, rolled her windows down and called to the pet’s mom.

The familiar voice may have been the first indication to get little Muffin all busy and searching as Granade admitted she never expected anything as such. As she got in full gear that she recognized the voice, the search began to see where that “all too familiar sound” was coming from.

Her Heart Skipping A Beat!

Dog Left in Complete Shock To See Her Groomer Outside The Salon

Her spin ended when she made direct eye contact with her groomer. The relief and excitement to know the voice was more than in her head would melt any heart. Her groomer, outside the confines of the salon and in her neighborhood? Muffin must have thought… “how sweeter could life get?” The impression her facial reaction gave had Granade and her owner smiling instantly.

Lisa noted she totally caught Muffin off-guard because her reaction still spelled “why are you not in the salon Ms. Granade?” “I think she was totally bamboozled!”, she noted. For the dog, it must have been the best day of its life.

Before long Lisa was out of her car and giving her favorite client, a good petting which was obviously welcomed by Muffin. From the whole experience, it shows the two have a great relationship and a bond like no other.

A Bond In A Relationship

Dog Left in Complete Shock To See Her Groomer Outside The Salon

Building a relationship of love and trust is what Granade notes she likes to develop with all her clients. She also believes the bonding is one of the best parts of her job. If you ask us, she would never trade this job for anything else and by the way…who would?!

Muffin from that wonderful experience has learned one important thing… “life throws you the best surprises and grants you unexpected joy when you least expect it”.