The Weirdest Animal Friendship That Will Make You Smile

Meet Arnold, a potbellied pig who is as charming as he looks and behaves. He is 7-year-old and has lived as a pet pig for most of his life. But as it is the case with many pet pigs, Arnold has seen many different changes throughout his life. Every too often, pigs like Arnold have been left abandoned or neglected after spending their time in a home.

At his current residence, Arnold is now experiencing his fourth living environment. The executive director of Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary, Jenny Nichols, told of Arnold’s constant moving.

A Sweet Bond Between A Pig And A Chicken

A Feeling Of Love Between The Sadness

Life has not always been easy for Arnold as every time he sets to feel at home, he is sent away. However, lately at his new home, he has found a sense of peace and comfort in a new friend. We bet when you hear this, you will laugh…his new friend is his pet chicken, Sammie.

The two have slowly developed a bond that is most time unexplainable but obviously cute. Their bond came after the two met up and decided their friendship may be the best choice for both of them. Arnold, having gone through numerous health checks was determined to be partially visually impaired.

A Sweet Bond Between A Pig And A Chicken

Comfort For Each Other

As a result, Sammie is the one who helps him to feel relaxed and calm most of the times. Also, they have a unique way of connecting with each other. Sammie is often seen standing on Arnold’s back…their way of feeling comfort from each other. Strange yet adorable right?!

At the current home where the bond was formed, it turned out they were up to be sent away. This was when Nichols stepped in and decided she needed to do something. “I instantly fell in love with the duo and decided we were going to take them to our shelter”, she said. However, before all that was done, they had to make the necessary adjustments and create a central location that could house the animals.

A Sweet Bond Between A Pig And A Chicken

The cross-species connection along with the sweet photos that were taken made the staff at Cottontail fall madly in love with them. Just picture it for a while…a pig and a chicken being best friends and even sleeping together.

A Shelter Home That Made A Difference

Nichols was determined to keep the friendship of the two animals when she decided to house them. Her shelter’s campaign to design a cross-species barn started as quickly as word came in that they would be surrendered. She wanted to honor their friendship as best as possible.

A Sweet Bond Between A Pig And A Chicken

“We are not quite sure if Arnold realizes we are doing something that will make him happy again. However, every now and again when we check in, he seems to sense hope and is smiling”, Nichols noted. Because he has been through so much already, they want to ensure they give him a forever home. We want him to feel loved especially knowing he has a strong friendship living for. We want him to have a safe haven to enjoy that.

Cottontail Animal Sanctuary is on a mission to have their barn ready so they could move in together. Believe you have been touched to contribute to this amazing project? Why not show your support, how you can or by sharing this sweet story for others to join in.