This Cat’s Reaction To Doppelganger Toy Cat IS Just Priceless

Everyone sometimes wished they had a doppelganger or at least one that was close enough. It always creates for some fun and excitement each time you think about it or meet the person. But, bear in mind, animals often too like the experience as this tells them, they are not “different”. But how much do they become obsessed with their lookalikes? The story of Harry will show you just that!

A Lookalike Toy A Cat Fell In Love With

Beka Smyth has had Harry since he was a kitten and the 2 have grown to become inseparable. Harry is always known to portray a grumpy and unamused expression whenever you see him. However, both his mom and everyone else who have managed to get close enough will speak of his charm.

He is a really caring cat who likes to keep abreast with everything that’s going on around him. Harry is certainly one cat who always looks out for his family no matter what.

The Hate Look But He’s Clingy!

A Lookalike Toy A Cat Fell In Love With

Though he has that demeanor like he can’t stand anyone or anything, he is pretty clingy. His mom, notes sometimes she doesn’t even have breathing space for herself because of the cat. “He is always involved with everything I am doing”, Smyth said all while he is still minding his own business. Beka admitted Harry would become overly concerned if she left the room and he can’t find her. He would constantly purr until they get reunited.

Ever since he was a kitten, Beka said he would generally sleep close to her, sometimes even on her head.

Finding His Doppelganger

The connection with the lookalike came as Smyth and her partner were out shopping one day. She said she saw a stuffed cat at the top of a shelf and it resembled Harry so much. It had a grumpy look and same coloring as their cat and she felt so prompted to buy…and she did! She noted the whole toy captured her cat in every way possible and was convinced, he would love it.

A Lookalike Toy A Cat Fell In Love With

When they got home and the introduction was done, Harry didn’t give a reaction at first. He might have been thinking, where did they get “another me”? He really didn’t freak out but Beka chuckled as she admitted his face showed… “this is a joke, right?!”

As she sat the toy down, Harry curiously got beside it and started his little inspection. Interesting enough to say, by the next day…they were best buddies! The toy was now on the couch and so was Harry. He stayed by its side for almost the entire day, just leaving for his meal and bathroom breaks…lol!

Inseparable and Obsessed!

A Lookalike Toy A Cat Fell In Love With

As time went by, Harry gradually started loving the toy a lot more. It was as though he had now become obsessed with it. He evidently wanted to spend a lot of time with it.

Beka said she was surprised to see how quickly he fell in love with it. He would spend the entire day on the couch, curled up as close as possible to his little “friend”. Could they become inseparable over time? Well, based on his current action, you better not touch his doppelganger or you might be in trouble!

A Lookalike Toy A Cat Fell In Love With

Just imagine a plush toy becoming a cat’s best friend! Share this sweet story and help to brighten someone’s day.