This Dog’s Reaction To A Life-Changing Surgery Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

Whoever said animals don’t show emotions especially compassion has never had a close relationship with one. Your pets are conditioned in such a way that they can detect your emotions even without an expression. Also, their love and closeness go beyond their families but also to their beloved toys.

Leo, a fluffy little brown dog recently showed the world the extent to which their compassion goes. He adores his family beyond measure but also his stuffed toy which he normally takes everywhere. His owner, Hayley Alaxanian, noted the stuffed animal is the dog’s favorite toy and he simply can’t live without it.

A Tragedy That Tore Leo’s World Apart!

However, there was a devastating incident that happened recently which saw his toy getting injured. It may just have been one of the saddest moments for Leo. Could this be the end of a true heart’s bond for the dog?

A Dog’s Compassion In A Life-Changing Surgery

It happened on that fateful day while little Leo was playing with his toy. Accidentally, he tore a hole in the pet which made its white inner-fluff start exposing. A tragedy and “next to death” experience for the pup. Could he have “killed” his longtime friend? Could the damage be repaired? He eagerly awaited a response from his mom!

A Life-Changing Surgeon In The House

Luckily, there was a doctor in the house! Alaxanian’s dad, who saw the whole thing and stepped up to help. The dog’s little heart was obviously crushed!

Hayley said her dad took the toy and placed it at a safe location so the pup couldn’t reach it. But amidst all that, he was whining and twisting and turning to get a hold of it.

From the room, Hayley saw her dad coming out with his sewing kit…ready to commence “surgery”!

Immense Pressure At Work

Throughout the entire procedure, Leo never left the toy’s side, obviously showing support that all would be well. He followed his dad’s every hand move to make sure all was going well. Throughout the whole time, Hayley and other family members had so much fun, laughing of course. They, however, felt sorry for him and connected with his heart when they saw his extreme sadness.

Mr. Alaxanian admitted he had never worked under such immense pressure before – someone watching all the way! He noted the pain in his pup’s eyes and his eagerness to know all would be well, said everything.

Joy Restored!

However, after a few moments had passed, the tension, grief, and shock were nowhere to be found. Leo’s heart was now at peace when he saw his toy back to “life”.

Hayley admitted her dad’s inexperience at something like this was a job well done at the end of the day. “That is the first time I’ve seen him sew a dog toy together,” Hayley laughed as she captured the whole experience on tape.

Leo’s joy was restored. He was finally reunited with his favorite plaything.

Going forward, a lesson learned will see Leo being a little gentler with his little plush play pal. Though the surgeon will always be in the house to help, he would never want to repeat such a traumatic experience.

For sure, Leo now has a new “best friend”, Alaxanian’s dad, who brought his company back to life!

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